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  • Size – 70,000 sq ft
  • Project type – Acquisition
  • Location – City fringe, Midtown, City
  • Industry – Professional
  • Year completed – 2015
  • Project managed by Cushman & Wakefield
Clients key concerns & challenges
  • Multiple brands under the Allegis parent company that all have different needs and requirements.
  • Provide offices that enable high density occupancy
  • Working across various brands under Allegis we have carried out a cumber of acquisitions providing a multi-site strategy across Central London.
  • We ensured each business division’s brand was accurately reflected by the individual building and that the buildings technical service support each business function.


"Will and the C&W team have worked effectively with us on our London project and have helped us develop a real estate strategy as our business continually evolved since the inception of the project. Under difficult market conditions, they have reacted quickly to our changing requirements and have worked with us to acquire three very different buildings across Central London. The communication between the local team and the US has been excellent and has made the process as straightforward and smooth as possible."
Michael Gummey, International Real Estate Manager, Allegis Group
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“Under difficult market conditions, they have reacted quickly to our changing requirements”

Allegis had the tricky task of finding a number of homes for an even greater number of brands within the Group.

Each business had its own set of requirements, including some that needed offices that could support high numbers of people in relatively small footplates.

Our strategy was to acquire three sites, in the City Core, Midtown and on the City Fringe. The sites reflected the brands that would make their home there, not only in terms of technical specification, but also status and style.