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Guardcap Asset Management

  • Size – 3,000 sq ft
  • Project type – Acquisition
  • Location – Mayfair & St James’s
  • Industry – Banking & Finance services
  • Year completed – 2015
Clients key concerns & challenges
  • Finding a location that was not too expensive within the preferred submarket of Mayfair & St James’s
  • Working towards tight timeframes of an existing lease expiry
  • A project team who hadn’t been involved with a relocation previously
  • Secured 3,000 sq ft in 11 Charles II Street
  • Negotiated an above market rent free package to mitigate double overheads
“We hope the growth of our business means we have to call on you again”

Guardcap’s project team had not managed a relocation before. But they knew exactly what they wanted: a cost-effective location in the usually expensive Mayfair and St James’s locale. And it had to be available almost immediately, to match the impending expiry of their current lease.

A 3,000 sq ft space in 11 Charles II street was secured. However, while we needed to move quickly, the lease started almost immediately. We negotiated a longer than usual rent free period to combat a short period of double overheads.


“We both enjoyed working with you and are settling well into our new accommodation. We hope the growth of our business will mean we have to call on you again in a couple of years. If not, we will see you in five.”,
Steve Bates, CFO