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Looking For An Office In London?

London is the epicentre of UK business, and for many companies a presence in the capital is vital. Proximity to key clients and customers is increasingly important for success – and office choice is also crucial for talent acquisition, brand strength and strategic flexibility.


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A huge choice of offices in London

Offices in London come in many shapes and sizes – from hot desks and shared offices to luxury suites and mixed-use developments. However, the size and breadth of the London market mean that whether you’re an entrepreneur, a fledgeling startup, an established company or a multinational, you will be able to find the perfect office for your business:


  • Serviced offices and flexible workspaces are great options for businesses that require more flexibility – for instance, if you need to move into a new office quickly, or want a contract with a shorter term than a conventional lease.

Serviced offices are popular with startups and SMEs because they usually offer short, medium or long-term contracts, which can be a huge advantage if your business ever needs to change direction. Although serviced offices are less likely to support customisation and visible brand identities, they generally come ready-fitted with furniture, IT infrastructure, and access to communal facilities – allowing you to simply walk in, hit the ground running and focus on your business and clients without distraction. In addition, all expenses, utilities, maintenance and bills are usually dealt with in a single payment and handled by the workspace provider.

Initial setup costs are also low, meaning that capital can be put to work in your business instead. As businesses grow, providers can often add or subtract space as needed, working flexibly with clients in response to new requirements.


  • The conventional office lease allows businesses to create a bespoke working environment while also establishing a permanent, visible brand presence. Renting an empty office space means you are in complete control of layout, fit-out and installation of furniture: hence, the conventional office lease often requires a longer-term commitment (often 3+ years). Lease tenants generally must also manage and maintain all facilities, including IT infrastructure, meeting rooms and kitchen space – and when the lease ends, it is your responsibility to return the property to its original condition. When deciding which type of office space works best for their business, prospective tenants should also consider the potential outlay for deposits, dilapidations and legal services at the beginning and end of a tenancy. The conventional office lease remains a great option for businesses that will not need to change locations or workspace parameters in the short term – and who want the benefits that come with greater control over their office space.


Whatever office space option you choose, our Locate London team can provide expert services for your office move, fit-out and even business rate payments – with designers and project managers available to help simplify the process and create results. This means we can support your business in both its short- and long-term objectives.

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"C&W helped us build a strategy and then to navigate a clear path through what was a complex project. When bumps in the road appeared as is inevitable in such a transaction, they worked hard with us and the team to successfully resolve those bumps. The consolidation will transform our London footprint."
Jaime Fuentes - VP Global Real Estate Portfolio – Thomson Reuters

Which London location?

The capital offers a huge range of different locations each with its own particular commercial strengths and sectoral clusters. For many businesses, having clients, suppliers and other industry players nearby can also help create the connections needed to succeed.


Each London district also has its own unique history, vibe and culture: some areas’ architectural styles lead to specific layouts and specifications, while others are still redeveloping and rebranding to encourage new businesses to move in.


Local factors to consider include the availability of green space, fitness facilities and transport links for train, Tube and air travel. While each area’s price range can be broadly bracketed, we can always find great options in every postcode.

Discover the top locations for offices in London at:


The perfect London office

We understand how important it is to find the perfect London base. The right office can make all the difference to your business, helping you create great client relationships, maximise productivity, and retain strategic flexibility.

As industry leaders in London office search, our expert team can find offices in London that are perfect for your needs – including those that are not yet on the market. Beyond finding the right office, we can also offer expert advice on design and fit-out, managing your office move, lease negotiations, dilapidations, and how to make your office more productive – so creating a new workplace doesn’t need to be a stressful experience. You can find out more about our industry-leading expertise here.

For help to find the ideal London base for your business, or discover offices in London, get in touch with us at Locate London – we would be delighted to hear from you!

Alternatively, you can also use our property finder to enter your bespoke requirements and get detailed rates and availability.

  • Still unsure?

    Not sure if a traditional leased property is the right fit for you? Read about serviced offices and the benefits they have.


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