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Climate change and limited natural resources mean that the traditional approaches of the property sector need to change radically. Here at Cushman & Wakefield we believe that property should be sustainable. We are at the heart of this transition and are fully committed to reducing our own and our client’s environmental impact across the property lifecycle.

With this in mind, we’ve created a short video which raises the key sustainability questions that all occupiers should be asking at this critical time:

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Exemplar examples of sustainable workspaces

Here are some impressive spaces in terms of sustainability for traditional leasing and flexible office solutions in London.

THE BLACK & WHITE BUILDING – 74 Rivington Street, London, EC2A 3AY

This is central London’s tallest mass timber office building –  a sustainable and boundary-pushing work space! It embraces sustainable materials, significantly reducing carbon footprint compared to equivalent concrete structures. Furthermore, its focus on wellness means this building has been kitted out with a yoga studio and roof terrace with outdoor space to relax. Its due to launch later this year!

Amy Taylor in our Occupier Representation, Flexible Office Advisory has already been taking clients to see the building, providing a really insightful overview of the sustainable materials being used to install the interior design and she’s been working with TOG to identify off plan opportunities to deliver customised flex office solutions.

PARADISE – 30-34 Old Paradise Street, London SE11 6AX

This new zero carbon office development in Central London, again fully timber in structure, is due to start construction in September. Setting a new standard of true net zero carbon over 60 years, the building will include 250 sq.m. of PV panels resulting in Zero Carbon Electricity, and Carbon Dioxide detectors within the office spaces will provide demand controlled ventilation. This impressive building is targeting a BREEAM rating of Outstanding, and we cant wait to start sharing it with our clients.

HYLO – 103-105 Bunhill Row, London EC1Y 8LZ

Truly Green, HYLO, has been designed with the future in mind. Built around the superstructure of the original building this development has saved over 2,500 tonnes of CO2. A further 13 storeys have been added allowing the building to expand and by doing so, over a typical 10 year lease, a carbon saving of around 25% is estimated compared to leasing a new building. Certified to the highest standards, achieving WELL Gold and BREEAM Excellent certifications, this inspiring space boasts high rise tower floors and large efficient podium floors aswell as roof gardens. Other sustainable features include rainwater harvesting which helps to reduce reliance on mains water supply by up to 50%, and state-of-the-art real-time data monitoring across the site which helps to keep a close eye on how energy is used, reducing consumption and costs.

So there we have it, some key occupier considerations in terms of sustainability and 3 Amazing workspaces that really represent best in class examples as we transition to greener, more sustainable, environmentally friendly workspaces.

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