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Kosmos Energy

  • Size – 3,000 sq ft
  • Project type – Acquisition
  • Location – Mayfair & St James’s
  • Industry – Energy
  • Year completed – 2017
  • Fit-out – Maris Interiors
Clients key concerns & challenges
  • Opening up a first London office in time for a listing on the London Stock Exchange
  • A need for a location that was prestigious and security conscious but not opulent
  • Managing the process remotely from Texas
  • Acquired 3,000 sq ft in the newly completed 10 Stratton Street
  • Negotiated flexibility in the lease given this was the first UK office and final headcount was unknown
  • Negotiated early access for fit-out to enable client to occupy in time for listing
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“They earned our respect and have my gratitude for a job well-done!”

Kosmos’s first move into London was wholly managed from Texas. Their brief was to find a prestigious, secure address quickly, in time for the launch of their listing on the London Stock Exchange.

Their final choice was the newly-completed 10 Stratton Street. Complete with excellent security, it sits in the heart of Mayfair, one of London’s most affluent districts.

We gained early access to the property so the fit out could be completed on time. And because the project team were not sure exactly how many people would eventually be based in the office, we made sure the size of the space could be scaled up or down.

They were instrumental in keeping the negotiations for the lease moving and focused on meaningful issues allowing us to conclude negotiations successfully, despite both parties to the lease were overseas… They earned our respect and have my gratitude for a job well-done!”,
Thomas P Chamber, Sr. V.P. & CFO