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Traditional Lease Offices

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A traditional lease is, as the name suggests, the most common way to lease office space in London. Leases are available for a variable period of time, although this is typically 5-10 years. You should expect the office to come with all the basic services you would need – heating, air-con, toilets – and you can then build and change the interior to suit your needs.

Below are some examples of properties that are available in different sub-markets, which should give you an idea of the types of properties that are available and the differing costs across London. There are many millions of square feet of office space available in London, so we haven’t listed everything available today. If you want to find the perfect space, then give us a call and we can guide you through the process by building your brief and searching for the right office.

We have access to every property that is available on the market, so our experts are best placed to help. Otherwise, the example properties will be able to show the type of office you could expect to find.