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Looking to Rent a Desk in London?

With space in London now at a premium, renting a desk is an affordable way for entrepreneurs and startups to secure a prime location while maintaining flexibility as your business grows and evolves.

Having key clients, suppliers and other industry players nearby can be a game-changer, and freelancers who rent a desk in London will have the chance to make the professional connections they need while retaining flexibility and minimising setup costs. For many who are starting out, the option to rent a desk in London can also be a welcome alternative to home working – with productivity benefits and a chance to work alongside like-minded people in a professional environment.

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Why choose a serviced office workspace?

Today’s startups, freelancers and entrepreneurs increasingly demand a different set of terms for office space. Flexibility is a key consideration for many businesses: new ventures often need to change direction in response to a shifting market, meaning that long, fixed lease commitments are increasingly avoided.


In contrast, renting a desk is usually a highly flexible arrangement agreed month-to-month. All expenses, utilities, maintenance and bills are covered in a single payment and dealt with by the coworking provider, allowing you to concentrate on your business and your most important clients. On a larger scale, serviced offices function as a similarly flexible alternative for startups and smaller companies that need more than just a few desks.


Access to modern communal facilities is usually included – and initial setup costs are low, meaning that capital can be put to work for your business. As businesses grow, providers can often add or subtract space as needed, working flexibly with their clients’ developing needs.


Benefits often include:


  • High-speed broadband
  • Free parking, 24-hour access & security
  • Utilities covered
  • Reception services and meeting rooms at preferential rates
  • Use of breakout areas with free tea and coffee


Types of serviced office space

Entrepreneurs and professionals have a number of options if they want to work flexibly:


  • Hot desk: Both coworking spaces and established companies offer “hot desk” facilities as a way to rent a desk in London. Storage space is not usually provided and working hours are normally limited to some degree – but for many, hot-desking will be the most convenient and cost-effective way of creating a professional work base.
  • Fixed desk: For an additional fee, customers can have often access to a private desk with built-in storage and an office key, allowing them to set up a permanent base. Many providers allow 24-hour access.
  • Shared desk: There are also opportunities to rent a desk in London by sharing one with another professional. The increasing number of people working flexible or part-time hours means that this option may be more economically viable and efficient than having a desk to yourself.
  • Private office: For the ultimate privacy and autonomy, you can find single-occupancy private offices throughout London for an additional fee.


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"C&W helped us build a strategy and then to navigate a clear path through what was a complex project. When bumps in the road appeared as is inevitable in such a transaction, they worked hard with us and the team to successfully resolve those bumps. The consolidation will transform our London footprint."
Jaime Fuentes - VP Global Real Estate Portfolio – Thomson Reuters

Which London location?

The capital offers a huge range of different locations, each with its own particular commercial strengths and sectoral clusters. For many businesses, having clients, suppliers and other industry players nearby can also help create the connections needed to succeed.


Each London district also has its own unique history, vibe and culture: some areas’ architectural styles lead to specific layouts and specifications, while others are still redeveloping and rebranding to encourage new businesses to move in.


Local factors to consider include the availability of green space, fitness facilities and transport links for train, Tube and air travel. While each area’s price range can be broadly bracketed, we can always find great options in every postcode.


Discover top locations to rent a desk in London at:


Rent a desk in London

We understand how important it is to find the perfect London base. The right workspace can make all the difference to your business, helping you create great client relationships, maximise productivity, and retain strategic flexibility.

As the industry leaders in advising on office space in London, our expert team is ready to help connect you to the capital’s best facilities – including those that are not yet on the market. You can find out more about our expertise here.

To find the best desks, shared offices and coworking spaces in London, get in touch with us at Locate London – we would be delighted to hear from you!

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